Cuppa Kin | Issue #4 August 2020

Hello and welcome to the fourth edition of Cuppa Kin!

This month, we are very excited to bring you a second Kin Ads AMA, some brand new Kin Community Rewards guidelines, the latest KRE report, and more...



by Kin Community Council - August 6, 2020

The Kin Community Rewards program has awarded 1 billion Kin over the past two quarters to productive community members. As a result, we’ve already seen a noticeable increase in constructive contributions - and this is only the beginning. We’re excited about the next round coming up and we have another 500,000,000 Kin to reward. The deadline for quarter 3 submissions is September 30th, so make sure to make your contributions and submit before then!

While judging the latest round of KCR submissions, a number of learnings surfaced which might work as a guide to improve the program moving forward. As such, we wanted to update the community on iterations we want to make in order to address those points.

Entry Submission & Processing

Entrants should receive a confirmation receipt along with a general target for turn-around time (e.g. 45 days from window closing).Submissions that are rejected for any reason should result in a message explaining why along with any potential recommendations for improvement, so that the entrant has the opportunity to correct the application or increase the impact of their contribution.Contributions should be able to be batched into one entry on the website.

Scoring Rubric Improvements

Kin Improvement Proposals can only be submitted once, if submitted before a resolution is reached any potential increase in score after approval is foregone. (We are exploring the potential of allowing previously submitted proposals to date to be submitted again for an adjusted score pending approval).Each submission should pertain to specific contribution(s) to be evaluated independently, not general participation (for example, submitting a social media account as a whole may not qualify, but a specific Tweet or series of Tweets might; creating a Kin community on Telegram may not qualify, but under certain conditions might, etc.).The cumulative advantage of submitting multiple entries needs to be addressed (work in progress).

Highlighting Achievements

Some aspects of the KCR program have been working phenomenally well, and thus the Council would like to figure out a way to double down and incentivize even more of these types of submissions:

Bug reports relating to the Kin SDK and the KRE that Kin Engineering acts on and close on Github. Examples: Kin Spend Guidelines 2.0, Simon's bug reporting.
Quality content like articles in prominent publications, blog posts, video content, and more.Examples: KINKRE, Kinformant.
Tools built that community members or developers can use to enhance their ability to use KinExamples: Kin Bubbles.
Kin themed media content such as infographics, memes that have gone viral.Viral social media content that reaches a large audience of real people.Any quality content in a language other than English.

Of course, please don’t hesitate to make high quality submissions that don’t fall into these categories. We are happy to reward creative contributions that benefit the Kin ecosystem.

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with Joshua Doner - August 19, 2020

Josh and Lee from the Kin Community Council have an off the cuff chat and field community questions in the second Kin Ads AMA...

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Submitted Questions

Do you see any potential issues for Kin Ads during the migration to Solana?

1. Will Kin Ads be used as a marketing incentive to future Kin apps by the Kin Foundation? If so, is there any talk to make a joint effort with the KF? And if not, how will you market it to future devs?

2. Have you developed a relationship with Ted, the KF and Kik, and if so, what is the extent of the relationship with them?

3. As it's in the best interest of everyone to help Kin Ads to grow, how can we as a community contribute to Kin Ads in our free time?

1. How scaleable is Kin Ads currently?

2. Are 'buy' transactions tagged differently in the blockchain?

1. How much time and effort is required for an existing Kin app to implement Kin Ads? And how would that process differ from a non-Kin integrated app?

2. There are some viral apps about brain training that use points to get a clue to solve riddles. You can get these points watching a video or paying in fiat. Why would it be better for them to use Kin and Kin Ads? Could they get a better engagement and monetizing system?

Can you share any figures on how many people have watched an advert and do they know if its increasing the use of the apps. If so, what's the latest figures % wise of increase usability?

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question!

For the latest updates from the Kin Ads team, click here. You can also view the first AMA here.




MadLipz is an extremely fun app which lets you make hilarious bite-sized video parodies (Lipz) and share them with everyone!

Kin plays a prominent role in the app, allowing users to create Lipz and tip their favourite creators with the digital currency!

Follow the links below to learn all about MadLipz and their partnership with Kin, along with their recent collaboration with Kin Ads...

Download today to see why this app has 4.7 stars on iOS and over 10 million downloads on Android...


by Polype01


MediaLab has announced new Kin features in Kik Messenger and has committed to the purchase of $1.5 million worth of Kin over the next 15 months...

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Latest Payouts

1. Asparagusm
Valid Spend Guidelines 2.0
KRE Policy Fix

2. kin_carls
KRE 2.0 Quick Guide
Monthly Infographics

3. Chancity
KinExplorer (Tool Launch)

4. KovaKoura
Kin Promote (Chat)
Kin Community (Chat)

5. kidwonder
Kin Bubbles (Tool Launch)

6. throwawayburros
KRE Policy Alert

7. mosadialiou
iOS Ecosystem SDK UI Bug Fix

8. WeviNest
KRE Policy Alert

9. polype01
KRE Weekly Reports (Data Aggregation & Report Launch)

10. Neliss (Website Launch)

11. TheKinformant
Kin YouTube Content Series (Content Series Launch)

12. Danjiflow (Website Launch)

13. scara89
Kin Spain (Chat)

Click here to review the latest payout summary in full and learn about Kin Community Rewards



Twitter Competition

@CryptoKinNews is running another competition on Twitter, this time for a chance to win 100 million Kin...

Purpose of this: To increase KIN spend opportunities.

If you think you have what it takes to create exciting and creative spend opportunities in your apps, enter now for a chance to win 100m KIN.

A selected panel of community members will judge the new spend opportunities created. Please message me directly to enter! If we get enough interest, we will start the competition and confirm the deadline for when the spends need to live and the guidelines.

Click here to enter

Super Mechs Kin Clan

u/RonaldakaHannibal on Reddit has created the KIN Community clan in Super Mechs. Click here for info and join the battle!

Twitter Competition

@CryptoKinNews is running a fun competition on Twitter for a chance to win 5 million Kin. All you have to do is guess the date you think Kin will hit 5 million monthly active spenders. Closest guess wins! Click here to enter

Poker Tournament

Click here to join u/KinPoker of Reddit for the next Kin Poker tournament!


At the time of writing, the Kin Ecosystem has a total of 57 monthly active apps!

We've randomly selected 20 of them for you to spot in this Kin app wordsearch...

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Kin Council


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Hi Guys,

I have an opportunity I would like to discuss with people from the UK who are interested in creating a KIN related app. This project is strictly for UK persons only, however at a later date it will be opened up to people outside of the UK.

Can people who are interested please get in touch and I will message you some details. I will need to know your experience as well.

Contact u/lmaton on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 22, 2020


I'm looking for a couple developers who are familiar with Kin to help develop an app. Please PM me if you're interested in hearing more about the project.

Contact u/Drpoofaloof on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 12, 2020


Looking for someone who has up to date knowledge on coding and kin integrationCan provide modern graphics for a gameLooking for both android and Apple releasesWilling to sign a NDA

To inquire about this opportunity please contact me @ u/ABsKiLLz_13

Posted: May 12, 2020


For an awesome picture based KIN game app I'm looking for;

A developer to bring this game to lifeA UX designer to make the app impressively smooth and appealingContact u/Santos1986 on reddit for more details.Must be willing to sign an NDA

Contact u/Santos1986 on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 11, 2020


Hey. i am developing i just launched the DUNO ETH token.

i am going to be giving way DUNO token and KIN for free for various tasks. no ICO at all.

i always need UI/UX & programmers (mostly PHP) i am drowning in programming work :-D

but i want only little things done here and there from freelancers rather than hire someone. i don't want to sell equity at all in the project.

Contact u/danjiflow on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 11, 2020


Folks interested in supporting the development of Kin.

a developer to build the gamea UX designer to make it look gooda partner to help design the story and functionality

Contact u/Cointoss88 on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 11, 2020

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